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Bonita Springs, USA

Long-Duration Backup Power Solution

E2 Companies uses Nuvation Energy’s High-Voltage Battery Management Systems for their hybrid battery ESS + natural gas genset system. The e2 R3Di power system provides near instant backup energy and is fully qualified to sustain long-duration outages. It serves as both primary and stand-by backup power.

Project Details:

E2 Companies R3Di® system

  • Demand charge management and long duration power backup.
  • No blip Grid to Island, instantaneous power transfer.
  • Battery ESS + natural gas genset, for data centers, factories, hospitals, schools, etc.
  • Battery System – LiFePO4, 1000 V DC / (850 V Nominal), 348 kWh
  • Genset 480 V or 600 V, 1000 kW, 60 Hz

Nuvation Energy High-Voltage BMS

  • Multi-Stack Controller
  • Stack management
  • Integration of each stack into the ESS
  • Supports up to 1250 V DC per stack
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