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Battery Module Design Services

The battery module is the foundation of your energy storage system. It impacts the architecture of the entire system and influences energy capacity, energy density, power capability, system life, and reliability. Nuvation Energy designs battery modules that balance performance and production cost. Our services include: 

BMS Integration

Whether you already have a battery cell provider or would like to leverage our battery supplier network, our engineering team can design our high-voltage battery management system into a bespoke battery module for you, or work with you to integrate our BMS into the off the shelf module you have selected 


Supplier-Agnostic Battery Module

With Nuvation Energy’s configurable battery management system, accommodating different batteries is as simple as rolling out a BMS software configuration update. Pair our configurable BMS with standardized cell form factors to free your BESS from battery supplier dependence. We will design a battery module that holds a common cell format, enabling you to use different batteries for different applications and for supplier flexibility.

Unique Cell Chemistries and Form Factors

Nuvation Energy’s battery management systems can be used with a wide range of battery chemistries and form factors. We have designed battery modules for pouch, cylindrical and prismatic cells, large-format cells, and even supercapacitors. Whether you are releasing a new cell form factor or have developed the game changing battery of tomorrow, our engineers can help create a battery module that meets your needs 

Battery Module Thermal Management

Our engineering team’s expertise in both air and liquid cooling enables us to create efficient battery module designs for a variety of applications. Using thermal simulations and design best practices, we deliver high-performance battery module designs that meet or exceed project requirements. We will also tightly couple cell temperature data from the BMS into the thermal management controls.

Battery Cell Characterization

A critical element of battery safety is the quality of the battery data. While manufacturers do provide some level of battery profile information, it is often high-level. Nuvation Energy can test and characterize cells to ensure we fully understand their behaviors. We then use that data to create the BMS configuration file used to manage your batteries. Our in-house cell research team includes PhD engineers who apply their in-depth knowledge of battery chemistry and cell behavior into Nuvation’s battery management algorithms.

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