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BESS Design Services

Nuvation Energy’s dedicated team of experienced battery energy storage system engineers accelerate BESS product development for our BMS customers. Our services include: 

BESS Enclosure Design

Enclosure design choices are driven by factors such as production, power and energy density, site specifications, batteries, and scalability. Nuvation’s BESS design services include: 

  • BMS Integration 
  • AC or DC coupled architectures 
  • Modular architectures  
  • Modified ISO containers (10’, 20’, 40’) 
  • Custom designed enclosures 
  • BESS designs for Second Life EV cells and battery packs 
  • Mechanical, electrical, and system design 
  • Safety system design (fire, explosion mitigation, and hydrogen detection) 
  • BESS controls and monitoring 
  • Thermal management system design 

BESS Subsystems

Our BESS subsystem designs include fire detection and remediation systems, hydrogen sensing and ventilation, thermal management (air or liquid), ground fault detection, emergency shutoff, and connectivity to BESS controllers. 

Battery Stack Design

Nuvation’s BMS customers can leverage our engineering team to design battery stacks that meet specific criteria. The design will also integrate Nuvation’s configurable BMS into the battery module. Our expertise includes: 

  • Battery Module Design – Some customers come to us with a target battery or module design in-hand, while others ask us to leverage our relationships with leading battery manufacturers to help them select and source a battery supplier, or to deliver an integration-ready battery module. 
  • Battery Stack Design – Your battery stack design impacts your energy storage cost per kWh, as well as the size of your BMS footprint. Our engineers can help optimize your existing stack design or design a custom battery stack to your requirements. 
  • Support Different Cell Chemistries and Form Factors – Leverage our experience designing and providing support for batteries that have different form factors and performance profiles. Our experience with different chemistries includes LTO, LFP and other lithium-based chemistries, zinc, nickel, lead-acid, supercapacitors, and many more. We support cell form factors such as prismatic, pouch, cylindrical, monobloc, and others. 
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