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Engineering Design Services

Nuvation Energy provides engineering design services to solve specific problems, generate new design approaches, and design parts or all of an energy storage system.

Subsystem Designs

We can provide full ESS design services or design individual subsystems for your project.  Our engineering team will research and test specific technologies, design a distinct subsystem, conduct engineering reviews of your design, integrate components and controls, and more. 

System Architecture for New ESS Concepts

Energy Storage technology is constantly evolving, which means today’s BESS design will be outdated tomorrow. Nuvation helps our customers design the next generation of energy storage systems by incorporating cutting edge solutions such as liquid cooling, new battery chemistries, modular architectures, the latest fire safety technologies and much more. We also have a network of contract manufacturers in North America and overseas who can provide additional support for prototyping and mass production. 

Regulatory and Electrical Standards Compliance

Successfully meeting energy storage electrical standards and navigating the regulatory landscape is critical to the success of your BESS project. Nuvation’s engineers can help with: 

  • Design for Certification – Nuvation Energy will de-risk your BESS project with our Certification-Ready approach to system design and integration. We also leverage our supply chain partner network (e.g. fire, HVAC, PCS, cabling, container, etc.) to source the industry-proven solutions needed for your certification-ready BESS.        
  • Electrical Standards Compliance – Just about every component and cable in a UL 9540 Certified energy storage system meets one or more electrical standards. Navigating all these standards can be a daunting task and making the wrong choice can delay and add to the cost of your UL certification effort. Nuvation’s engineers will help your organization choose the right components and can assist with integration, testing, and certification.   

Battery Management System Retrofits

If your energy storage system has an underperforming BMS, our team can help you replace it with our field-proven UL 1973 Recognized BMS. We will review your current battery configuration to determine the technical requirements of the retrofit and develop a system integration plan to get your energy storage system back into full operation.  

BMS retrofits are sometimes also required for energy storage augmentation, to enable the older and newer batteries to be operated as a single system. Our engineering team can perform the analysis and engineering design effort required to support your storage augmentation effort. We can also provision an nController EMS (energy management system) to intelligently coordinate the operation of the old and new batteries as well as any other assets in your energy infrastructure. 

System Component Selection and Integration

Nuvation Energy has relationships with a wide network of component suppliers whose products we have validated for performance, reliability, and safety. Let us help you choose components that will reduce your project risk, design iteration, and regulatory certification effort. Our experience includes: 

  • Power conversion systems 
  • Custom and standardized enclosures 
  • Racking for battery stacks 
  • Electrical components, busbar, and cabling 
  • HVACs and liquid cooling chillers/manifolds 
  • Fire safety systems 
  • Hydrogen detection and ventilation systems 
  • Ground fault detection 
  • Construction materials (metals, insulation, gaskets, and sealing) 
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