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The nController: A Distributed Energy Resource Management System

The nController EMS is a site controller that integrates energy storage into your power infrastructure. It receives data from assets behind the meter such as renewables, your ESS, on site gensets, and your load, and performs tasks such as load shifting, demand charge management, and emergency power backup. For example, the nController can service your load from your solar array and route any unused solar power into the storage system. Later in the day when your load begins drawing power from the grid, the nController will use the energy storage system for demand charge management. Similarly, during the evening when energy costs are lower, the nController can charge the ESS from the grid, then strategically discharge it throughout the day for peak shaving. Use-cases include:

  • Solar PV self-consumption
  • Demand charge management
  • Time-of-use shifting
  • Power backup
  • Demand response
  • Load following
  • Resource prioritization, and many others

The nController natively supports a range of distributed energy (DER) configurations, power conversion systems (PCS), and power meters. System integration and custom application development services are provided by Nuvation Energy.

  1. Demand charge management
  2. DC/AC Coupled Solar
  3. Renewables smoothing
  4. Microgrid controller
  5. Communications between energy storage subsystems (power meter, PCS, HVAC, etc.)


  • Manages energy storage systems, includes all Multi-Stack Controller functions.
  • Supports a growing library of energy storage assets including:
    • Power Conversion Systems (PCS) from Sinexcel (PWS2-30M-EX, PWS-30K-NA), LS Energy (PowerBRiC), Dynapower (MPS-125, DPS-500).
    • Power meters from Wattnode (WND-WR-MB), Circutor (CVM-C10), Schneider (LV430491). 
    • Feeder Protection Relay from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL-751).
    • Charge controllers from Alencon (SPOT1000/1500).
    • Support for additional equipment can be added upon request.
  • Support for dispatchable power, demand charge management, AC and DC coupled solar management and backup power applications.
  • Protocols support: Modbus TCP, SunSpec DER Information Model, Microsoft Azure.
  • Local data logging.
  • Additional protocols and algorithms added upon request.
  • Optional fiber optic networking supported through 10G and SPF+ ports.
  • 1u rack mounted with optional wall mountable form factor.
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