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March 25, 2024

Nuvation Energy’s Made in US and Canada G5 Battery Management System for Energy Storage Begins Volume Shipping

Nuvation Energy’s latest generation UL 1973 Recognized and configurable BMS is now shipping in volume to energy storage system developers and battery manufacturers. The G5 BMS addresses utility grid industry security concerns by being designed and developed in the US and Canada and manufactured in Canada.

Sunnyvale, CA (March 26, 2023) — Nuvation Energy, a leading provider of battery management systems (BMS) to energy storage companies, has announced that their most recent product release, the G5 BMS, is now shipping in volume with UL 1973 Recognition.

Nuvation Energy battery management systems scale to the power and energy requirements of large-scale battery energy storage systems and are designed to support the UL 1973 and UL 9540 certification process.

“The G5 BMS addresses the rapidly evolving needs of the domestic energy storage industry in the United States, Canada, and other markets.” said Michael Worry, CEO of Nuvation Energy. “Achieving UL 1973 Recognition is an assurance that this BMS meets or exceeds Functional Safety requirements for safe operation of batteries under a range of scenarios. Our development and product manufacturing are also performed within Canada and the US, which addresses concerns recently expressed in the industry around controls used in domestic utility grids.”

Nuvation was founded in 1997 in Silicon Valley, California as an engineering services provider to organizations developing complex electronic products, and entered the energy storage industry in 2008. Their products support safe, reliable, and secure operation of large-scale energy storage systems and have been in volume shipment since 2015.

“We have leveraged our two decades of product development experience to implement rigorous oversight into our onshore manufacturing processes,” said Michael Hermann, COO of Nuvation Energy. “That includes monitoring every stage of the manufacturing process at our manufacturing partners and sourcing all our materials through a trustworthy supply chain. To safeguard the BMS after it has been installed in the energy storage system, we have implemented proprietary hardware and software validation checks to ensure only safe and secure Nuvation Energy products are in the system.”

Nuvation Energy is currently accepting product orders for the G5 BMS.

About Nuvation Energy

Nuvation Energy provides battery management systems and energy controllers to energy storage system integrators and battery manufacturers. We accelerate the adoption of energy storage by providing products and services that resolve the technical challenges typically associated with developing energy storage solutions.

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