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Santa Rosa, USA

Custom Energy Storage System

Trane selected Nuvation Energy to build a custom energy storage system (ESS) for a wastewater treatment plant in the City of Santa Rosa, CA. The plant employs backup diesel generators as part of their demand charge management system. It can take a few minutes for the diesel generators to get fully ramped up and online. Nuvation Energy created a custom energy storage system that could be used for demand charge management and facilitate the seamless transition from the utility grid to the diesel gensets.

To support the high power demand requirements of the treatment plant, the ESS can output 2 MW for 15 minutes. In addition to this unusual power requirement, the approved site was not large enough to support a standard 40-foot containerized ESS. So Nuvation Energy worked with ESS container manufacturer Eco-H to build a compact 24-foot container.  PCS integration and final testing before field deployment were performed at Parker Hannifin – Energy Grid-Tie Division in Charlotte, NC.

Check out the video below to learn more about the 2 MW energy storage system we built.

Project Details:

  • Wastewater treatment plant, City of Santa Rosa, CA
  • Spinning reserve, for diesel genset changeover in case of grid outage
  • Custom ultra-compact 24-foot container due to siting constraints
  • Outputs 2 MW for 15 minutes
  • Capacity – 588 kWh
  • PCS – Parker Hannifin 890GT-B, 2 MW, 1200 V DC
  • NMC batteries
  • Nuvation Energy turnkey custom energy storage system design (racks, battery selection, pack & rack design, container, HVAC, fire suppression, PCS, etc.
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