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Nuvation Energy NvERS™ Software


Nuvation Energy Reliability System™ (“NvERS”) Software manages the operation of Nuvation BMS™ modules as well as internal and external communications. It also provides a platform-agnostic (i.e. Windows, Linux, Mac, mobile OS) plug-and-play user interface that provides energy storage system operators with the ability to:

  • Monitor State of Charge (SOC) and State of Health (SOH)
  • View battery performance statistics
  • Change configuration settings
  • Perform BMS software updates
  • Check that all data is propagating correctly through the system
  • View faults and warnings


  • Provides Unified View of Entire Battery – Access diagnostics and performance data of the entire single- or multi-stack battery
  • Provides Remote Access – For off-site data analytics and to view or adjust battery operation remotely from a central site. Accessible via Internet browser on PC or tablet computer
  • Enables System-Wide Updating – Can make system-wide BMS configuration changes, take down or bring up stacks, update firmware across the entire battery via one interface
  • Automates System-Wide Fault Response – Identifies and acts upon faults anywhere in the battery pack
  • Ensures Reliable Communications – Hardened BMS communications ensures reliable operation


User-Friendly Operator Interface – Platform-agnostic (i.e. Windows, Linux, Mac, mobile OS) plug-and-play user interface provides at-a-glance view of:

  • Statistics View – Provides pack-level voltage, temperature, and current statistics for all cells
  • Real-Time View – Streams measurements and control signals for real-time display and recording
  • SOC and SOH – Calculates and displays State of Charge and State-of-Health for the entire battery
  • Flow-Through I/O – Provides a single entry point to all measurement and control points in the BMS
  • Communications Status – Ensures that measurements, control signals, and other data are propagating properly throughout the entire system for safe operation
  • Faults and Warnings – Aggregated for system-wide overview, plus detail drill-down for battery pack diagnostics


  • Data Capture Support – Streams data to external servers for analytics and trend data capture. Real-time performance can be captured over time for performance analysis and optimization
  • Inverter Support – Modbus TCP supports MESA storage models for connection to Power Conversion Systems as well as other external systems through multiple concurrent client connections


  • Pack-Level Safety – Identifies faults anywhere in the battery pack and initiates preventive action to protect the battery and ensure safe operation
  • Installation – Assigns IP addresses automatically to all stack controllers to simplify battery bring-up
  • Software Updates – Can download firmware and configuration updates from an external server and manage the update process for all BMS modules across the entire battery
  • Battery Performance Tuning – Low-level fine tuning controls enable optimization and on-the-fly experimentation

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