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October 26, 2017

Alevo Receives 98.5% Score from PJM with Nuvation BMS

October 26, 2017, Sunnyvale California. Alevo, a battery energy storage company serving the utility grid market, has announced that its 2MW GridBank energy storage installation in Hagerstown, Maryland, has received a 98.5% score from PJM’s Performance Compliance department in relation to its ability to provide frequency regulation services. Alevo GridBank batteries are managed by Nuvation Energy's BMS battery management systems provided by Nuvation Energy.

Alevo’s battery chemistry presents unique challenges from a battery management perspective. Where most lithium-ion batteries must be operated with 20%–80% State of Charge (SoC) in order to avoid risking damage to the cells, Alevo’s high energy density cells have 99% availability and can be safely discharged to zero volts. One of the key evaluation criteria that influenced Alevo’s selection of Nuvation Energy's BMS to manage their battery cells is that Nuvation Energy's BMS can measure battery cells from 0 volts and accurately manage the charging process from 0% to 100%. This requires highly accurate current readings and is a level of precision for which most battery management systems are not designed.

Nuvation Energy's BMS is a configurable off-the-shelf battery management system that has been designed to support virtually any battery chemistry. With over 1000 configuration settings, it enables developers of disruptive battery technologies to conduct battery management performance optimizations during and after product development, which can deliver improvements to battery life and performance even after an energy storage system is in operation.

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Nuvation Energy provides scalable battery management systems and energy storage systems engineering services for utility-grade applications. Our battery and energy management solutions are used worldwide.

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