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December 1, 2021

EVLO Selects Nuvation Energy Battery Management Systems for their Energy Storage Solutions

December 1, 2021. ESA Energy Storage Conference and Expo, Phoenix, AZ. EVLO Energy Storage, Hydro-Québec’s energy storage subsidiary, has selected Nuvation Energy’s battery management systems for EVLO’s energy storage product line. The EVLO energy storage systems will be used for applications such as utility grid support and demand charge management.

The Nuvation Energy BMS is designed for large-scale high-voltage applications such as containerized battery energy storage systems. Nuvation Energy was selected by EVLO because Nuvation’s BMS is industry proven, configurable for almost any battery type, and UL 1973 recognized. The Nuvation team also brought extensive industry experience, which helped ensure the success of the EVLO 1000 product launch. Nuvation Energy was able to provide a highly experienced engineering team for system integration support and product customization.

“A highly reliable battery management system is a critical component of any energy storage system,” said Guillaume Hayet, EVLO’s President and CEO. “During our extensive testing, Nuvation Energy’s BMS proved to be excellent not only for battery protection, but also as a valuable energy storage system management tool. Nuvation Energy’s engineering team has also been a genuine pleasure to work with. Their deep experience with energy storage system design has made it very easy to integrate their BMS into our energy storage product line.”

“The largest renewable energy producer in North America, Hydro-Québec created EVLO to design utility scale energy storage solutions,” said Michael Worry, Nuvation Energy’s CEO. “That makes their products an excellent fit for both electricity producers and large-scale electricity users. We are looking forward to continuing the strong growth of this strategic technology partnership.”

The purchase agreement also includes a reseller agreement between EVLO and Nuvation Energy that allows Nuvation to sell EVLO energy storage systems.

About Nuvation Energy

Nuvation Energy provides battery management systems, energy controllers, and engineering services to battery manufacturers and energy storage system developers. Our products and solutions have been designed to utility-grade standards and are continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of the energy storage industry. We are headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, USA, with an Energy Storage Design Center in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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About EVLO Energy Storage Inc.

Established in Québec, EVLO Energy Storage Inc. is a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, North America’s largest renewable energy producer. EVLO offers customized battery energy storage systems, control software, installation, inspection and management services, and an end-of-life battery recycling program. EVLO's products are designed to be scalable for large utility-scale projects.

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