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April 18, 2017

Nuvation Begins Shipping Low-Voltage Battery Management Systems

Nuvation Energy announces that their new 11-60 V DC battery management system for applications such as commercial and residential behind-the-meter energy storage, telecom / datacom backup systems, and specialty vehicles begins shipping in May. Nuvation BMS™ is the only off-the-shelf battery management system on the market today that has attained MESA standards conformance.

27th Annual Energy Storage Association Conference and Expo. April 18-20, 2017. Nuvation Energy has announced that their new off-the-shelf low-voltage battery management system (BMS) will begin shipping in May. “We developed this battery management system in response to customer demands for a low-voltage BMS that serves the needs of the energy storage system owner as effectively as those of the battery manufacturer,” said Michael Worry, Nuvation CEO. “It has been built to the same stringent performance requirements and uses the same software as our 1250 Volt BMS for megawatt-scale grid energy storage systems. It provides cell-level data that not only helps with monitoring cell health but also gives the system owner full visibility and control of the battery. It can also be accessed through the Internet, which provides energy storage service providers with remote access to the battery pack to access status information, set behavior parameters, and make configuration updates.”  

“Many energy storage system developers approach Nuvation after struggling to integrate currently available off-the-shelf battery management systems into their platforms,” said John Corman, VP Engineering and Product Management. “The most common problems they tell us they are encountering are inverter integration challenges, system-level electrical noise, and the ability to precisely configure the BMS for their target battery chemistry and application. Nuvation’s low-voltage BMS mitigates system level electrical noise risk with higher noise immunity than many other products on the market. It is also highly configurable, which enables it to be used with a broad range of battery chemistries.  When connecting Nuvation BMSTM to an inverter, MESA conformance simplifies integration with other MESA-conformant power conversion systems and even non-conformant inverters. I was at a Nuvation BMS installation on an island in the South Pacific where the customer was using a non-MESA conformant inverter with Nuvation BMS. The inverter supplier simply downloaded the MESA configuration files from the online MESA / Sunspec library and used them to configure the inverter. Nuvation BMS™ is the only off-the-shelf battery management system on the market today that has attained MESA standards conformance.”

The U.S.-based MESA Standards Alliance manages an industry collaboration to develop open standards for large-scale battery energy storage. MESA-conformant products reduce system integration efforts and simplify the replacement of components during the life of the energy storage system. MESA members include leading battery companies such as Samsung SDI, LG Chem, and Panasonic, power conversion system suppliers such as Parker Hannifin, Siemens, and Eaton, several U.S. utilities, and energy storage solution providers such as Nuvation Energy.

Nuvation is currently accepting orders for Nuvation Low-Voltage BMS™ and will begin shipping products from inventory in May.

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