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January 16, 2018

Nuvation Energy Launches the nStore

Nuvation Energy is pleased to announce the launch of the nStore, an online shop from which battery energy storage system developers can purchase Nuvation Energy's low-voltage battery management system and access user manuals and downloadable files to aid with battery pack integration. 

Nuvation Low-Voltage BMS is an 11-60 V DC battery management system architected for use in electric vehicles, stationary energy storage platforms and mobile robots. It is available in enclosed and unenclosed PCB form factors. Built on the same hardware and software platform as Nuvation Energy’s high-voltage battery management system, this utility-grade BMS can be used to protect battery packs in the widely adopted “48-volt” range. It can be configured to monitor and manage a variety of chemistries including lithium-ion, lead-acid, nickel metal hydride, zinc, and others.

This highly configurable battery management system includes a wide variety of user-oriented functions and can be accessed remotely via standard web browsers for pack monitoring and BMS configuration. Nuvation Low-Voltage BMS is a particularly popular choice for EV second life and behind-the-meter energy storage applications. For volume customers, Nuvation Energy provides custom-engineered form factors and functionality as well as energy storage system engineering services.

Visit the nStore now!

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