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June 22, 2022

Solar and Energy Storage Being Deployed in Puerto Rico for Critical Power

June 22, 2022 , Sunnyvale, California. Maximo Solar, POWERSYNC Energy Solutions, and Nuvation Energy have been collaborating to add solar power and energy storage to a microgrid project in Puerto Rico. The project is being design-built by the integrated design and construction firm Arco Caribe Architects.

Maximo Solar is adding 194 kW of solar power and POWERSYNC is providing 348 kWh of energy storage to existing diesel backup power, creating a distributed energy resource microgrid. The microgrid will provide backup power for critical systems during grid power failures and be used for electricity demand charge management.

Scheduled for completion in July 2022, this microgrid employs a DC-coupled engineering design approach that reduces power conversion requirements and improves round trip efficiency. “Maximo Solar and POWERSYNC have implemented a DC-coupled solar and storage system that enables the solar to provide backup power as well as charge the energy storage system,” said Maximo Torres, CEO of Maximo Solar. “Compared to AC-coupled systems, this design provides simplicity, better control and more efficiency, especially on hybrid systems that integrate different sources of energy such as diesel generators and utility power.”

The POWERSYNC ESS uses Nuvation Energy’s battery management system (BMS). The ESS also uses Nuvation Energy’s nController EMS (energy management system), specifically adapted for this project. The EMS will coordinate operation of the various microgrid assets for demand charge management.

“This microgrid implementation employs intelligent design decisions that provide great value to the long-term asset owner,” said Michael Worry, CEO of Nuvation Energy. “The energy management system integrates seamlessly with Nuvation Energy’s battery management system, providing granular visibility into the battery stacks for highly efficient operation when performing demand charge management tasks.”

“At POWERSYNC we have built a culture that places the needs of those we serve at the forefront of everything we do. Our entire team is focused on constantly improving our products and services to meet the energy resiliency needs of our current and future clients,” said Steve May, President of POWERSYNC Energy Solutions. “Between the efforts of POWERSYNC, Nuvation, and Maximo Solar, we developed an energy storage solution capable of providing our clients with a unique and scalable turnkey microgrid for commercial applications. We thank the team at Arco Caribe for allowing us to partner with them on this remarkable achievement.”

About Maximo Solar

Maximo Solar Industries is a multi-service solar energy service enterprise that has been integrating, designing, and installing solar energy and storage systems in Puerto Rico and Florida since 2009.

About Nuvation Energy

Nuvation Energy provides battery and energy management solutions to energy storage system integrators and battery manufacturers. We enable the proliferation of energy storage by providing products and services that resolve the technical challenges typically associated with developing new solutions.

About POWERSYNC Energy Solutions

POWERSYNC Energy Solutions, LLC is a U.S. based, family-owned company that designs and manufactures advanced energy storage products. We utilize new, reliable, and cost-effective technologies to develop end-to-end solutions for our customers. POWERSYNC’s products include modular energy storage in both lithium and VRLA battery technologies and our integrated systems help homes and businesses to achieve true energy independence. Our mobile power products offer turnkey solutions to increase run times, maximize usable space and reduce the total cost of ownership for auto, RV and marine auxiliary power applications.

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