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Hagerstown, USA

Energy Storage for Frequency Regulation

Alevo selected Nuvation Energy’s battery management system to manage the batteries in their 2 MW /1MWh energy storage system. A key reason they chose Nuvation Energy’s BMS is because it can measure battery cells from 0 volts and accurately manage the charging process from 0% to 100%. Managing this charging process requires highly accurate current readings and a level of precision that most battery management systems cannot provide. Alevo’s high energy density cells had 99% availability and could be safely discharged to zero volts. 

Today the Alevo Gridbank ESS pictured here continues to provide frequency regulation services to the PJM interconnect. Nuvation Energy’s Multi-Stack Controller provides parallel stack management and enables servicing of individual battery stacks without taking down the ESS.

Project Details:

  • 2 MW / 1MWh
  • 22 stacks, 1024 V DC
  • LiFePO4 cell chemistry, 320s2p
  • 40-foot shipping container housing more than 7000 cells
  • Frequency regulation on the PJM Energy Market
  • Performed data analytics

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